Resources not visible

Hi, i have a problem with the resources.
When i enter in


there are two voices “Add new” and “View Post” and nothing else..there shouldn’t be a list of the resources that i’ve created, with the possibility to edit the filter, the price,..?
Because if i enter in “view post” i can only modify the general setting of the post, and in “add new” i can add a single resources without the possibility to set the filters.

So, the problem is: where i have to go if i want to set the price and the filters for a resource?

So, how can i resolve?

Thank you guys for the support, it’s very important.

Will be a problem with your WPML settings.
There is a box in the post view of a Resource with only a check box and the content “make resources translatable”. Or try to define a default language and add a new resource through the post view.


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