Russian Rubles

Hello! The plugin gives “py” abbreviation for Russian rubles but the correct one would be “p.” or the new symbol recently implemented by the government which is “₽”. How can I set that?

The array with the currencies is in easyreservations_admin_settings.php at line 253. There you can use html entities to define them

Thank you. I have checked that file and the English letter for this “R” is correct. I guess what is incorrect is Russian tranlation when it was tranlsated as “py” instead of “p.” or “₽”.

I checked the easyReservations-ru_RU.po file but currencies are not there. Do you know where the translation of currencies are?

They have no translations. Just the html code of the symbol and a description:
‘#36’ => ‘Dollar’

Thank you, I have fixed that now. The line should be:

‘#8381’ => ‘Russian Rouble’

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