Scrolling in dashbord show bad dates

Reservation’s date are working fine in the dashboard, BUT, when I scroll 10, 15, or 30 days in or out, somes dates become wrong. Showing the end of the reservation one day later than it’s fix to. Showing ending June 30th instead of ending June 29th.

I found and fixed that bug. Will be included in next update/beta.
Thanks for reporting

This is a key feature for my client’s website. The dashboard is very important for them and they need it rightaway. The project is already late in the delivery. I must give this functionnal to my client since a few weeks. When will you release the next update/beta? Can you give me the new code with ne number of line to change in the code? I must go forward, I cannot be waiting.


Next beta will come after the weekend, next update later. The problem is in multiple files.

Oh! This is really bad news. My client was already upset by waiting. I can’t imagine what kind of awnser I will get after I’ll told him that we will have to wait again. I expected that you will give me informations that will help me going forward and make the project online instead of being waiting and staying idle.

How will I have access to the beta version after the week-end?

Beta is for premium users at

When is the next update ready?

I expect at beginning of next month.

Okay, I’m gonna buy the premium version. But, it’s better to work out. I’ll pay for it because you told me that you have corrected that.


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