searchForm – times dropdown not synced

I guess I’m stalking the forum right now, but I am in the testing and building phase.

When I click the booking button in the searchForm, the ‘times’ dropdown is not synced with my form page – other fields do get synced correctly. Can this be fixed / how can I do that?

EasyReservations is a really nice plugin though, amazing what all the modules are able to add in terms of flexibility & functionality.

Do you use the times field in the form too?

Yes, you can see it here:

Sorry I think English is clearer: (amount of days -> times)

Please try this fix. It should work in all possible combinations now.
You can install it with the upload function in the premium settings or extract the content over FTP to /wp-conent/plugins/easyreservations.

Great it works, thank you. Appreciate the support during the weekend as well 🙂

It’s not only weekend, I’m ill as well. A year ago I would’ve laugh at people who work so much 😉

OK, bless you then, hope you get better soon! I won’t have any questions the rest of the weekend 😛

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