Send different emails depending on the resource chosen

Hello! I’ve an idea! Would be nice to send different confirmation emails depending on the chosed resource, for example, I have 7 different Resources, all of them are completely different, so I would be more than happy if in the email I can change the form (custom ids) text and images. So I can provide the right information for that specific room.

I do not know if this will be really hard to implement or not, but will be a EPIC point on that awesome reservation system.

What do you say 🙂 ?

PD: I can live without that, but because you ask for suggestions, I provide you my ideas to make the best and open engine available

To be honest with you that and different support emails per resource are not included deliberately.
There’re many wanting to use easyreservations as a sort of portal (selling access to my software to the owners). That means many customers but only one sell for me. Further my license is per owner, but nobody who wants to make a portal for 119€ thinks about making a fair deal with me. The good thing is that these people are also way to lazy/inexperienced to make any custom change to the software, so by not including these two functions I could entirely prevent the issue.
I’ve seen some of the try’s and they wouldn’t have been good for the owners either. Were just about making a fast dollar without any quality or ambition…

Hello, I understand that, I can send you the site via email so you can have a look that I’m not any agency lol. I just want to send different emails depending on the resource choosen. We have One hotel and One flat, and we are a familiy business. Again, if you want the URL tell me, it’s almost finished! 🙂

Bsically the problem is, do you remember that I write you and email about adding conditional to prices? And you suggest me to use Custom Fields? Okay, now it’s done and it works as we want, in total we have 60 conditions. :p

The problem is that in 4 types of room it uses the normal price manager and not the custom forms, but in the other 3, it uses that custom forms, so, when the email is sent, it says Childrens, but not childrens are displayed, why? Because they use the custom form. If I add the custom form of childs to email template, when people book the other resources, they will see:

Adults: 2
Childs: (Number of childs choosen)
Childs: 0 (The custom id)

That’s why I want to send a different email if one of the other 3 resources is choosed, nothing more.
If you have any other idea I’ll appreaciate it.

Thanks for your time and patience.

No, I don’t see a solution for that case at all.

Okay, no problem at all, I understand the problem 🙂

Have a nice day.

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