short code generator on page/post not working

When trying to use the “red e” on the page/post editor a tutorial window covers most all of the user interface and I am unable to make it go away. I simply want to know the short code required to have the availability calendar on a page.

[easy_calendar resource=”973″ width=”400″ style=”1″ price=”1″]

resource = id of standard resource
width = width in px
style = 1/2/(3/premium for premium styles)
price = 0/1/2/3/4 where 0 is dont show price and 1-4 different appearances of it

What browser do you use?

I was using IE8. I did try on Firefox and it worked fine. Sorry for not trying something so simple. I now appear to have a Java conflict, but that’s another issue. Thanks for the quick reply.

I just check the frontend with IE8.

Would there be a chance you could put a demo version of premium on your website so I could see the admin panel and features of premium in a live setting?

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