I used the shortcode for displaying the calender in widget. The shortcode is used is this:
[easy_calendar resource=”96″ float=”full-width” half=”1″ colors=”default empty” past=”0″ price=”0″ select=”0″ months=”1×2″ interval=”2″ header=”1″]

But after last update the calender is not be displayed and the shortcode is not rendered. I tried other shortcode, but that worked. I tried different (installed plugin) shortcode widget, but it does not display either.

Is there a download to rollback easy_reservation update. In my case, update is 4.07 and i want to rollback to 4.0.6. Tried to install rollback plugin, but that did not display easy_reservation versions right.

I am on regular version 4.0.7

Beside of that – great job with the easy_reservation plugin

Please open the file /wp-content/plugins/easyreservations/lib/shortcodes/calendar.php and delete the whole 3rd line.
Looks like this:

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if(!in_the_loop()) return '';

The next update/beta will include the real solution so you can update without hesitation. I just don’t have a stable version to upload right now.

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