[show_price] in form wrong calculate if any day has a discount


I notice that the total amount is wrong calculate if any day have a discount:

– Monday : 20 € ( 30 € base price, but price filter by time is activated so the base price change to 20 €)
– Tuesday: 30 €

In the calendar the price show correctly, but when I clik on reserve now and go to the form the total amount is: 60 €

Please a screenshot of the settings and a link to the form

Hi again,


Please, select a monday to tuesday reservation and clik ” reserve now” you will go to the reserve page and you can see that the total amount is wrong

I don’t know how update a screeshot

Upload it anywhere and post the link here.

I have seen the error, in the form page the dates wasn’t the same that I select in the pluguin.

So, the amount is correct.


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