Something wrong with CSS?

Hi there. Please check my link and tell me please how to fix it. Thank you.


For me it looks fine. Browser?

The calendar above is on different server (domain)

Bottom of the picture is messed up calendar dashboard that I need to fix it.


I saw that because of the sidebar, but what browser did you used?

Would be better if I give you an access so you can see that?

It looks horrible on any browser 🙂


All should be in your mailbox by now 🙂


The problem comes from

Cant find out which line causing it, but if I disable that file it looks good again.

Do I need this CSS?

Open the file in any editor. Then just delete one class after another, save, reload and look if its better. If you find the class search for the line causing it. If you delete the half of them at beginning you know i which half of the file the problem is… Its easy.

Cant say if you need it. It’ll be from your themes admin area and unfortunately it gets added to each admin site. Not very clean.

Thanks a lot!

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