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Hello admin,
I use the plugin easy reservation from two month and all is allright. I like very much the plugin. But in the last two days I recived a lot of reservation from spam softwares. It’s possible to do so that it is more difficult to recognize the captcha code?
Thank you

Oh, you’re the first reporting something in that direction.
If I would know a better free solution it would be in of course, but I must admit to never really searched for one either as there were no reason. For me it was more a cosmetic feature, I’ve ever told users to not use it unless they get attacks.
But that makes me a bit afraid. On the other hand I can’t believe that easyreservations has enough spread to make it attractive for these bot networks. Do you think it’s just filling any fields or is it really made for easyreservations?
Please give me any information’s you have, like screenshots of the reservations, and a link to the form.

Hello easyadmin,
thank you for your interest.
Here there is a message from booking system that is not a real request of reservation:

New Reservation on Blogname from

ID: 60
Name: Roberta
From: 30.06.2013
To: 01.07.2013
Persons: 2
Childs: 0
Resource: Camera Ciclamino
Price: 80,00
Phone: WGTkHzvIOrtL
Message: This is getting a bit more sbtejcuive, but I much choose the Zune Marketplace. The interface is interesting, has added flair, and some cool facial appearance like Mixview\’ that allow you rapidly comprehend allied albums, songs, or additional users correlated to what you\’re listening to. Clicking on one of those will center by that item, and another obstinate of neighbors will get nearer into view, allowing you to navigate roughly exploring by comparable artists, songs, or users. Vernacular of users, the Zune Social is also fantastic enjoyment, leasing you find others with common tastes and flattering associates with them. You next can snoop to a playlist produced based by an amalgamation of what all your friends are listening to, which is too enjoyable. Those apprehensive with privacy will be present relieved to get you can put off the shared starting seeing your delicate listening habits if you hence choose.

In the last three days I recived 8-10 messages with similar content. The link where you can see the form is
It’s not a big problem now, but if the frequency of spam email will increase it will become difficult to use your easyreservation plugin.
Thank you

Okay, it’s just a regular spam bot. Nothing made for easyreservations and should be pretty easy to trick out.
For example you could use the multiple=”full” attribute in the form shortcode. That way the bot would need to click a normal button afterwards to really submit it, which he wont do.

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