Special rules arrival/departure not working

Normaly guests can arrive and leave on monday or friday only, for weekend/midweek/week stays. In june/august it must be possible to arrive/leave on Saturdays only, for a week stay. This rule I made should overrule the basic settings, but it seems that it is only allowed when I also select saturdays as arrival/departure day in Basic settings. I don’t want saturdays in the normal bookings however…

Als de te controleeren day is between 16-07-2016 12:00 and 27-08-2016 12:00 en Zat resources condition change to Persons: 1 – 6, Days: 7 – 28
Arrival: Za from 15h till 23h, Departure: Za from 0h till 10h

It only checks the normal requirements if no filter got applied, are you sure you have checked the saturday in your filter?

When checking saturday this day can be choosen for the whole year. In that way the option has no use…

Please send me admin access to support@easyreservations.org

Issue is pending but I resolved it by only allowing arrival on friday…

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