Style not working properly?


After some weeks of having the plugin installed and working perfectly, 2 days ago it went like it had no style (admin panel and forms…)

I tried uninstalling and installing the beta version but still remains the same.

Here’s how it look right now the panel admin:

Thank you

Never saw something like that, can you give me admin access?

Of course. where do I send you the info?

Okay, I have sent you the access data.

Thank you 🙂

I’ve looked through my mails plenty times now, but cant find it. Please send it again.

This really shouldn’t take that long, sorry.

Hello, I have resent the email.

Subject: Style not working properly?
from: foxcarsbasingstoke

do not worry about the delay, but I need to fix this issue as soon as possible, I need this website up and running as soon as possible, if you could identify the problem, I would be very Thanked.


The problem is you’re using https but didn’t entered it in your site url in the wordpress general settings. So it tries to access it without and gets blocked. Replace the http with https and it should work.

Thanks 😀

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