Support/ working with wordpress 5.2.2 and php 7.0

I´m about to do a fresh install on a server with the above config.
Will version 4.0.6 work ok (it seems to so far)- but the premium version- is there another version available for premium, and are you still offering and providing support?

I´ve got an install on another server that seems to have a glitch or 2. I´m doing a fresh install on a different server to negate me having to work out the issues- there were some issues with certain modules and upgrades etc. previously (had to refer to a backup)
I need to get access to historical data, but will not need to on the new version/ install.

Many thanks.


It should be working fine, but we only offer support for the latest version.
If you mean you need other premium versions I don’t have any, only the beta versions.

I´m looking at buying another premium version/ license for the support on the new domain/ server. Was doing a preliminary check that it should work ok and you´re still providing support.

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