Synchronisation with, AirBnB, HomeAway ect

I’m currently working on the next big update for easyreservations with the goal to offer two-way synchronisation of availabilty with all relevant portals. It uses the .ics iCalendar format which has some drawbacks, but it is supported by all mayor portals and costs nothing. For one it can only sync availabilty, no rates or settings. Instead of getting notfications it has to regulary go through the whole iCalendar and check if something is new, deleted or got changed. And the portals have to do the same with our iCalendar and we can’t tell them when to do it.

Right now it works with google calendar, AirBnB, HomeAway and TripAdvisor. However each of those portals does exporting a bit differently and I had to adjust the code for it. Unfortunately I do not have access to any other portals .ics feeds. And before releasing it I need a few more.

If you have access to any other portal please send me your .ics feed to While the direct link to it would be best to really try it out, a copy of the .ics file does it as well. Please export/download it twice, as there can be differences I have to know about. There shouldn’t be private information of your guests besides maybe the name in it, but you can open the .ics file with any text editor and take out what you don’t want me to know. I only need to know which information are where and how it’s structured. If you don’t know where to find it just google “PORTALNAME ics export” or “PORTALNAME ics synchronisation”.

You can try it by installing the beta.

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