System is allowing people to book already full rooms

Regardless of the date or arrival/departure times chosen, one of the resources can be booked no matter what – even if they are already booked. The other resource does not do that – it shows as full. I think this has something to do with the check in/out times… depending on what they are set to the resource with the issue might show as booked but only with specific times chosen…. I have it set exactly like the other resource which shows correctly… Not sure what’s going on – please help… Is there a way to just turn off the arrival/departure times?

Do you have the merge resources feature enabled? If so turn it off.

No, the merge resources box is not checked…. I think it has something to do with the check in/out times… is there a way to just turn those off? If they overlap, they cause issues with the pricing and in this case, if they change the time to one thing it shows booked but if they change it to something else, it doesn’t show booked..

Yes, disable “use time” in the main settings.

The “use time” is disabled in the settings, but the time choosers still show… I am confused as to how that works…. Merge resources is not on either but yet the issue persists…. any other ideas?

No, not really. Send me access to

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