System quotes for 2 weeks when trying to book 1 week over price change

I currently have a calendar set up as follows:
Friday October 4th – Friday October 25th = £615
Friday October 25th – Friday November 1st = £715
Friday November 1st – Friday December 13th = £510
However, if someone tries to book Friday October 25th – Friday November 1st the system tries to quote them £1,430. I can’t work out why.
The resource is set up to weekly billing and availability by object.

Can’t say anything without access. Please send them again if they are the same as last time.

email sent 🙂

Have you had any luck with this?

I’ve tried all resources and the highest price for 25.10 – 01.11 where 715.00. Where exactly is the wrong number appearing? Tried form and adding a reservation.

Hi easyadmin
That’s odd. It was for Moat Path Cottage on those dates and it was giving 2 weeks booking price instead of one. However, my client has now booked that time up manually so I can no longer test it. She’s booked it up until next year and until next year’s prices are put in I can’t test it again. I will wait until she inputs new prices and then test to see if the problem comes up again.
Thanks for now

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