The coupon code doesn't work, they aplly an increase!

I’m writing to you to solve an important problem: the couponing system doesn’t work because if I put the coupon code into the corresponding field (in the front-end) the result is not a discount (of the ammount indicated when the coupon was created), but an increase!!!

You can test it by using this code into the website ( GX1584

I need to solve it as soon as possible.



Use a minus in the value to make it decreasing the price. I know it’s not 100% intuitive, but it’s how math works if you want to support both positive and negative values.


but the field doesn’t allow me to type a negative number…

Oh, yes. The restriction bug in 3.2.4, forgot it.
You can either click on the field and use the inspect element feature that most browser have to manipulate the value of the field or download the

Installed the last beta version the problem is it not solved, I keep not typing the minus symbol..

Please enter the minus in the field on this website and post what’s under it here:

1. keyup() Message :keyup() is triggered!, keyCode = 173 which = 173
2. keydown() Message :keydown() is triggered!, keyCode = 173 which = 173
3. keypress() Message :keypress() is triggered!, keyCode = 0 which = 45

Where I can find the value of the coupon discount in the database? Could I try to modify there the value?

Of course, wp_options entry “reservations_coupons”.

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