The mobile version of the site does not work price

The mobile version of the site does not work price. Displays 0.00 rub. In the PC version, everything works fine.
And I want to ask how to change the currency designation from “py” to “руб.”?
Thank you very much for an excellent and convenient plugin. How to master it immediately buy a PRIMIUM.

p.s. Here is a link to a site with a non-working price when viewing from a smartphone

I see it but cannot explain it. Please send me FTP access to so I can make some tests.

sent you information to log into ftp

Under the loaded site it somehow seems to load the content again, but hides it. So the form is there twice and it changes the price, but in the hidden one. I cannot say you why it happens but it’ll probably be related to your theme.

Thanks for the help!

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