the price field has disappeared from the resource sheet

Today, i want to add a requirement filter in a resource sheet, but after validation, hte new requirement filter
The new filter requirement not taken validate, but more importantly, the “price field” and the “price” has disappeared from the resource sheet!
My resource has no price !
Can you help me quickly ?

Horror !
All reservations passed or recorded in the resource affected by the disappearance of the price were given to € 0

With price field you mean the base price, right?
After adding a filter it went down to 0 and now you can’t edit it anymore?
Never heard or can imagine such a error. They aren’t related.
Can you give me access?

Hi Feryaz,
In fact, on on the easyreservation settings page, tab premium, there is a new module named “releated posts Add-On” which appeared and was active by default.
By placing this module on “off”, the problem disappears.
I do not know what is this module, and I can’t find any trace of the downloadable modules on your website.
For the moment, my problem is therefore closed.
An explanation of this module would be welcome

Best regards

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