The price of the first day of the season.

I have set :
Base price per billing unit = 42.857 € / day
from July 1 to August 4 = 85.714 € / day
from August 5 to August 26 = 171.429 € / day
the result :
from August 5 to August 12 = 1.071 ( 6×171.429 + 42.857) (WRONG)
from August 12 to August 19 = 1.200 ( 7×171.429) (correct)
from July 29 to August 5 = 600 ( 7×85.714) (correct)

I do not understand how to perform the correct calculation for the starting day of the season

Do you have “use time” activated in the general settings?

How I can send to you screens?
I tried calculating the active and inactive indicator with comment “Enable display of time and that the time gets used to calculate the billing units instead of only the date”
Prices calculated after the search is correct
The prices calculated in the booking form are incorrect

Make the reservation and view/edit it as admin. There you have a detailed calculation how the price comes together. Then you can change the settings till it’s like you want.

I asked for your help because many days I try to change the settings.
I can send the screens to an email address to ask for help?

And what is wrong? How is it calculated and how should it be calculated?


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