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If you set a time till the customers have to depart lets say at 19:00 clock in the backend, ist impossible to book in the reservation form at the frontend. There is always this error: Check following values – departure only available till 19:00 clock and you cannot submit the reservation. Using the newest beta because of the child price bug but it looks like if you solve a bug there are 7 others. There is also a problem in this version that you have no reservation table in the backend and also if you click on the easyreservation button in the top menu you cannot open the new reservations. please help me to fix this problems.

Got an fatal error message for the problem with the reservation table:
Fatal error: Call to undefined method wpdb::esc_like() in /homepages/34/d342326461/htdocs/neu/wp-content/plugins/easyreservations/lib/functions/ajax.php on line 673

Something with the database connection or so???


1. Please a link to your form.
2. On which wordpress version are you?


I think its 4.0 but i know its not the newest.

Do you think its because of the WordPress-Version?


1. You can either ask for the time or add hidden fields to define the time of reservations. Without that information the system assumes one and that can conflict with time requirements. If you don’t ask for the time having requirements for it is a bit senseless as well.
2. The function esc_like was added with 4.0 so I though you are on 3.X. The only one with 4.X and this issue had a file left from 3.X that he didn’t updated. Try to override your wordpress files with 4.X ones in a FTP program and look out if all is uploading completely.

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