Timezone not set?

My site was a bit slow – I think it was because of a server update. When I turned on the WordPress debugging, I did get a timezone error from EasyReservations. The timezone is set in WordPress (UTC+1) and I even put this code in functions.php:

function easyreservations_set_default_time(){
add_action('init', 'easyreservations_set_default_time');

How can this be fixed? Or should EasyReservations work perfectly despite this?

Notice: date_default_timezone_set() [function.date-default-timezone-set]: Timezone ID ” is invalid in C:\domains\frontseatserver.com\subdomeinen\its\wwwroot\sameninvogtland\wp-content\plugins\easyreservations\easyReservations.php on line 489


That was the only topic I could find that could help you. Will be a server problem. Everything should still work, but your timezone setting wont get applied.


OK, hopefully it will be fixed when we move to the live server. Thanks.

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