Update new version and premium modules

I wish I could see the new premium version working. I was testing the free version and I still haven’t handled it well, do I need to have woocommerce installed for it to work? Because I see that the settings look like woocommerce panels, I see that there are quite a few changes. I would like to know what modules it includes in the premium version and if there is any demo site like the previous versions. Honestly it seems to me that you have one of the best plugins the reservation rules, but I need to clarify some doubts about this new version.

1- Do I have to install woocommerce?
2- Is it compatible with plugins like dokan, yith vendors or woocommerce vendors product?
3- Is it compatible with elementor or another visual constructor?

You know I had the premium license in the past, but I would like to try this new version.

The answer to all your questions is no.
As always try out the free version to see if it fits your purpose. It contains all relevant functionality.



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