Use reservation form as info demand?

Is it possible to use the reservation form as a simple information demand?
I do not want to show up other messages as “your mail has been send”, no price = 0, …
I just want to use the dashboard internally to show availability and get demands through a form.
Thanks for help

What is the difference between how it is now and what you describe? A reservation can be seen as reservation or as demand for one, that’s totally up to you.

I changed the texts in the call of the form, but after sending I receive the message:
Demand successfully sent!
Please continue.
Price: 0,00 €
It is the last line that I would like to hide.
If I accept multiple demands, the result is the same: price column with 0,00 € .

After the sending the calendar and the form do not show up any more. How could I automatically show them again?

You can disable that with the forms shortcode attribute price=”0″.

Thanks, that’s fine. The price does not show up any more.
How can I show the calendar and the form again after sending of a demand? Even recharging the page is not sufficient, I have to go to another page and come back.
Could the message appear only in a pop-up window? Could I put in a button to show form and calendar again?

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