User Control Panel module: weird behaviour

I am a bit confused:
– Users can login with an reservation id and without filling out their e-mail
– Users can’t login with their e-mail only

why? none of the behaviors makes sense to me

I would expect, that users can login with their e-mail only to see all their reservation, but being able to see reservation by merely typing a reservation id is not expected.
Furthermore, I can cancel the reservation of other people like this. The first time I just us the reservation id, login, cancel, nothing happens (back to the login form), I re-type the id, login, then it says “reservation canceled”. And indeed, it’s canceled.

I am not sure if I am looking at a bug or a feature. Could you tell me how it is supposed to behave this module?


Of course it shouldn’t be possible to only enter the ID. Fixed for beta 42.
Really thanks for reporting, wouldn’t came to check that again in ages. I wonder when it came in.

sure no problem… I like nagging you 😉
So I just checked the beta 42. nothing much changed here…
I might want to add that the only error I’ve seen is the captcha message. when clicking on back, I ended up with the reservation table instead of the login form.

Sorry, it will be in beta 43. Beta 42 was already up as I wrote that.

so I checked with beta 45 now.

I can’t login anymore using a reservation id that does not belong to one of my own reservations. but it says:”Wrong email back”

it would be nice if the message would use a different formatting.
Also maybe use a newline before back. The phrase as is sounds weird.

Why can’t I login without any reservation id? (in case I just want to see all my bookings)

Because anyone could see it them.
Can’t reproduce, works fine with the correct email and id for me and not if one is wrong.

there were a lot of negations in my last post. I meant:
The login works with an id belonging to an email.

And that is bad?

of course not.
It\’s great! cheers!

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