User roles and discounts (pre-sale question)


I guess mine qualifies as a pre-sale question, perhaps the bugs forum is not the most appropriate section, but I don’t know where else to post.

I’m considering purchasing Easy Reservations Premium, but would like to know first if there’s any feature addressing discounts for registered members or members with certain user roles. For example, suppose I want to give a discount to users signed in who have a particular user role or some privilege connected to that user/email, can I do that with Easy Reservations Premium? Or is there any third party plugin that can let me accomplish that? (setting discounted rates for certain users – doesn’t matter as this is achieved as long as it runs under WP and Easy Reservations)

thank you

No, there is no such function.

okay, understood
but perhaps it’s a feature some of us would be interested in (think of agents commissions which is a rather common case in the tourism/hospitality industry) – maybe even if the feature is not included in your plugin, could it be achieved by a third party plugin? or does your code provide hooks to tweak the price value while booking and submitting a payment?

thank you

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