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I seem to have a number of functions not working well with my installed version of easyReservation 3.4.2, like calendar only displaying default resource bookings
When is this due to be resolved ?

I’ve not experienced any problems till yet. Please a link to the calendar.

There is just a reservation 9-11 if December as a test. It is done in the Duplex Suite
It is very important for me that the calendar is able to visualize in the web page the reservation status of each single “resource” separately

Deactivate the merge resources function in the general settings.

When I do I can only see in red in the calendar the bookings for the “default resource” (in my case Silos Duplex). If I choose merge then I see all bookings in yellow but without differentiating what is what
I added now one booking of each room in November as test and you can see the one from Suite Loft is not displayed
By the way, I have the premium version in case that helps

Red means you can’t reserve on that day anymore. And if you only have set up one space that’s correct.

I understand. The problem is that when I change from the default resource (Suite Duplex) to a different resource (suite loft) the calendar is not updated and hence I can not display the availability of the different available resources. This is obviously key to make the solution operational.

The problem is the jquery version installed on your website. 1.5.1 is over 4 years old and wordpress comes with 1.11.1 by default. I guess your theme or an installed plugin is really old and you’ll have to either replace or fix it.
(to check the current version, open the javascript console and type “jQuery.fn.jquery”)

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