WPML and resources

I’m using WPML with 2 languages.
When I create resources in my main language, they appear correctly in the easyreservation resources panel.
When I translate a resource in the secondary language, this appears in the resource list as another resource, with a different ID.

Why is that ?
Because if it’s another resource then the user can book the same resource twice in 2 different languages even when only 1 is available !

That shouldn’t happen. Please update to the latest version of WPML and the easyreservations.org/beta. Make sure the resource is added in the main language, then go in the post view and add translations.

I downloaded the beta and overwritten the existing files, but it still doesn’t work.
I add a resource in the main language, then I translate it and the translated version appears in the resource list.
Shall I desactivate the plugin and reactivate it ?
Or uninstall it completely and then reinstall it ? If so, is there a way to save general settings ?

No, that doesn’t help. I’ve another user with the same problem. He forgot to give me admin access, but I guess I’ll have that tomorrow and will be able to fix it. To be sure you can send me your admin and FTP access to support@easyreservations.org or just wait.

I am the other user actually,
I’ve sent you the credentials through my site wordpress,

Thanks !


just re-tested on a fresh WP 4.2 install, with WPML up-to-date and easyreservation in beta, to see if there was something wrong with my previous install. It still doesn’t work.

As soon as I translate a resource into the secondary language, the resource appears in the secondary language in the wordpress admin.

I tested the code on your website and it worked perfectley fine, just the line that deletes the unwanted ones later on was commented out. Please open /lib/functions/both.php and search for “unset($rooms[$key]);”. If there’s // infront of it, delete it.

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