I’m very happy and proud to announce that the filter system gonna change completly with 1.5!
The current filter system is very indirectly and to change prices is very complicated. This is because it was an OR system. So you could add monday and 2011 to it and it meant “if day to calculate is monday OR in 2011″. This implicates that for each day to calculate each filter got checked for each condition. Its hard to set up complex things like the mondays in february 2014.

This will gonna be replaced by seamless AND filters. This means you say “if day to calculate is monday AND in 2011″ which makes much more sense. Each factor (day,cw,month,quarter,year) can be left empty to directly select each tuesday in calendar week 21 or the month january in 2012 for example. Much more directly!
Beside of this the order of the filters happens at add/edit them and not at every price calculation as it was. Theyre directly saved as arrays and not as shortcodes anymore. In fact with all of these together the price calculation got a real big speed-up. From 300 to 30 lines of code for the filters.
The Unavail filter finally gets the same flexibility. The discounts can be percentage/per reservation/per day and you can set up prices for each room if its an offer now.

Unfortunately this means that all my works on filter editing and ordering form 1.4 was for nothing and got deleted. But as i got the idea of the new system i needed to implement it because so much depending on it. Of course all the old filters wont work anymore and you have to set them up new, but i promise this will be a pleasure for you this time.