Juhu! We have 5000 Downloads 🙂
Thanks to everyone who helped with comments, suggestions and bug reports.

The future

In the last updates almost every function got renewed. I think the most things are really great now and beside of bugs its in a good state.
I’m a bit out of ideas and testing for bugs all the day gets a bit frustrating.
I will skip programming till I get new ideas or suggestions and bug reports from you.

The next thing are the non-free Modules. The PayPal Module is still finished and beside of this I’ve finished a little second Module. The distribution over feryaz.de (accounts, rights, paypal integration) is finished.
As feryaz.de will use almost the same PayPal verification script the plan is to release the second Module first in a “test mode” with -33% off to test the script on feryaz.de as well as the PayPal Module. Awesome plan I think.

I can’t say when this will start. I think there are quite a few bugs in the current version and I have a few legal issues to clear first. Maybe in about a month.

I got an email because of the non-free modules which said that I should better give everything for free and hope for donations. To say this clear: I haven’t got any cent from donations till now. There were a few who said they will, but none did. I have to take money or I can’t go on with the project. Of course donators would get Modules for the Amount of donation later and access to the current beta versions now.

Updates and Beta testers

Maybe you noticed that there were mostly bugs in new main updates which I fix in fast updates.
These were always things that I build in on the same day as the update or somebody tells me a small bug right after release and the fix of it makes two new bugs.
This is all because I’m doing this alone and have no beta testers. I would have to skip adding things for one or two days before release. But they are weekly as for now and I need them to be weekly to get feedback.


I need help with testing beta versions and I need more and more detailed feedback and suggestions. Else the fast and big updates are past. Im not having any rental, I can’t really know what you need.