The new Invoice Module got released in it’s first version for Life-Time Members. I really love it.

The htmlMails Module is finished now and has a visual editor, a template system and three systems. It’s available for Life-Time Members only too. Quite nice too.

Now to the bad news:
The last weeks were pretty bad for me. After the real good running first month my income decreased by over 70%. I’ve expected a bit, but not that much.
Over 60% of my total income comes from the Life-Time Memberships. And 80% of them were made as the PayPal Module was still not available without.

After long thoughts I’ve made PayPal to a “Life-Time Module” again. I had to, but I dont wanted.

What could be the problem?
1. Too nice. Definetly I’m to nice. To much free functions and to much free support. My girlfrind keeps saying me that since begining. I always said that I wan’t to do it this way and hoped for some nice people. Big failure 😉
2. To many Bugs. Definetly a problem, but I don’t think it’s the problem. Can’t do more as fix what I find and get reported.
3. To less Users. Even if it’s gets more and more it’s to less growth. As there are thousands of plugins it’s hard to get reviews on the blogs. And as I take money they want to habe something for it. And right now ther’s absolutly NO money for adds. Any Ideas?
4. Visibility. In conclusion to 3. Even if they search for a plugin like this, they find at least three others earlier. This is definatly the best of them, everyone said till now. But what’s that worth if nobody finds it? But again: How to spread without money?
5. Documentation. I wanted to extend it. But right now it doesn’t feel as that would change anything. And the hours I would need to spend for one text could be a whole small Module and that would bring more.

Over 30 people said in any way to purchase or donate if anything happens or because of my support. And only ONE of them actually did afterwards. Over 70% of the income comes from people who never said any word. So the loudest and who keeps me the most from work with support doesn’t want to support the development at all. Why wasting time with them?

All this together brings me to the conclusion to close the forum and the support for Life-Time members only. And I thought that the support would bring me clients and tried to be fast, good and nice. They just pay if they need it.

I really want to stay “social” like till now. But if nothing changes I’ll have to do that.
And if that doesn’t work either I’ll have to cut out functions and make a premium version.
For myself I give it two weeks with PayPal, Invoice and htmlMails for Life-Time Members only. Then the money will be out and I have to start looking for other ways. I should do it now. Both. But I want to give it a last try.

Together with the all the new Modules I raised the Life-Time Membership to 119€. It’s even more unlikely to sell it now, but it can’t stay at that price if the modules are more worth.

I’m a bit ashamed of this sitation and feeling a bit used and bad.

But I’m far away from giving this project up and stand up every day again.