Its sunday and as I promised the next update easyReservations 1.4 is out.
The main part of this update are bug-fixes and detailed improvements, but there are also two really cool new features.
First the table works without reloadings now two. All the actions, beside of bulk actions, can be used together and without any disadvntages now. In addition you can show all reservations of a selected day. The group current was added to show currently guests.
The only reloading on the Reservations Dashboard left are the screen settings. Works like a charm 🙂
The second new feature is the filters table. The conditions are shown in sentences and in a logical order. It should be much easier to understand the system now. The price filters can be edited directly with an autocompletion function and without reload, they can be sorted by drag’n’drop. Of course the deletion of filters works per ajax too.

I’m still searching for help with the PayPal button DLC!

As always report bugs and share your thoughts!

Download here!

easyReservations 1.4

  • Reservations table
    • Works with Ajax now
    • Groups, filter, search, pagination and orderby working together and without a page refresh!
    • New group current displays currently guests!
    • Filter by date
    • Click on date in overview’s head for filtering by date or use the datepicker next to the field
  • The form tags [persons] and [childs] can have a minimum and maximum value now
  • Filters
    • The conditions are shown as sentences
    • Edit price filters condition and prices directly
    • Calendar refreshs automaticly on change
    • Sort by drag’n’drop
    • Delete filter without reloading
  • Improvements
    • Renamed main page to Reservations Dashboard
    • Number of pending reservations in admin navigation
    • Centered and colored form/user-edit messages
    • Edit link works per get now
    • Overviews selections come back after change now (if you cange the date, ect)
    • Calendar double-click prevention
    • Rooms head in overview is clickable
    • Rooms can be set to form by shortcode (room=”roomid”) if form has no room tag
    • Messages on most admin actions
    • More checks for correctly inputs
    • Updated german language
  • Bugs fixed
    • Finally got rid of the “xx characters of unexpected output during activation” bug
    • Edit link on some permalink settings
    • Permissions Author and Editor
    • Own forms
    • Standart forms special characters
    • Price color bug
    • Overview mark activ days
    • Calculate workload today if no room
    • Subject Mail to guest on new reservations is editable
    • Name and email fields are required again in frontend
    • Color in table for reservations start today
    • Monday as price filter unit
    • Message if set up a wrong price format for child discount
    • Required fields are red if empty in resources
    • Rare bug if a room count is a letter it was recognized as highest room count
    • Style fixes in Safari and IE9
    • Number of pending reservations in admin bar