The dashboard is the main area of the plugin. You can view, edit, add, approve, reject and mail your reservations through it. The first area of it is the Overview that displays the schedule of your business.


In its header is the administration bar, the navigation and the calendar. With the calendar icon left of the current date range you can select the start date of the overview. On the left side you can switch between daily and hourly view and select how many days or hours should be displayed. In the row underneath is a time navigation and the calendar day. If you click on the dates the overview will skip to that day and the table will show reservations present on that day.

In the main part your reservations get displayed. If you click on the resources name it will redirect you to its setting page. The background of the cells is blue for today, yellow for weekend, red for unavailability filters and gray stripes for past. The overview only display approved reservations which are colored for past, present or future. Clicking on empty cells will lead you to add a new reservation while you can use it to change the arrival and departure when editing a reservation.


The table only displays important reservations while still giving easy access to all others. The reservations get divided into groups in the upper left. Upcoming means status approved and present or future. Current means status approved and present. Pending means status pending and present or future. Rejected means status rejected and present or future. All has no limitations. Old means status approved and past. Trash is for trashed ones and the star marks favorite ones. The favorites get saved individually per user.

Next you can filter the reservations by status, month and resource and define the amount of results to display. The reset button on the right is to clear the filters. With the first field on the right you can limit the results by date and the next one is the search field. It can search for ID, name, email, resource name or custom field title or value.

The table can get sorted by date, name, reservation time, status, amount of persons and resource. The results are very configurable in the dashboards screen options and can display almost any data of the reservations. The colored counts beside the date fields are the days from now till arrival and departure and are colored as the in the overview. They’re to see when a reservation will take place at first glance.

Directly under the table there’re the bulk options move to trash and delete permanently as well as the pagination. Under it are two statics, the first is for upcoming reservations and the second for the amount of new reservations in the last days. Beside them is a little table showing the arrivals and departures today.

Approve and reject

New reservations will have the initial status pending. You’ll have to choose if you want to approve or reject the reservation. The guest will get a different email based on your choice. Approved reservations are accepted ones and will be shown in the overview, in the table group upcoming and are calculated into the statistics if installed. Rejected reservations won’t be recognized by the system anymore, except for the tables groups rejected and all.

In the premium version is a function to approve reservations automatically.

Screen options

On the right top of the dashboard is a button called screen settings. After clicking on it you’ll be able to configure the dashboard as of your preferences. You can disable any feature of the dashboard, configure what data to display, define which resources gets shown in the overview, disable a few effects and set the hourly mode as default.