The system can send out emails at different events, for example when a new reservation was made. Each of those events can be deactivated and has it’s own email template. You can customize these templates like forms with [tags]. All possible tags are listed on the right.

The adminmessage works only in emails to the guest for that you can enter a text like at approving, rejecting, mailing or editing.

To display custom field values use [custom id=”X”] and replace X with the custom fields id. To display the default form custom fields values use [custom title].

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Emails don't arrive
    If the email template is activated in the email settings, but the emails don't arrive in your inbox there're two things you can do: 1. Try the SMTP plugin for WordPress to force them to get send over the right email server. 2. If that doesn't work contact your host to fix it.