After activating the new export box is under the reservations table on the dashboard. In the first field you can select the source of the reservations to export. Either it uses only the reservations currently displayed in the table, all reservations or select reservations by time and/or status. The second field defines the output format that can be a .xls Excel file, a comma separated list or a .xml backup file. The backup is only for the import function while the other ones can be used for various reasons in other programs.

In Excel you can select all the data and format is as table to give it more functionality.


The import function is simple. Just head over to the main settings and go to the import box at the right bottom. Choose an .xml backup file you created with the export function earlier and click on import. It’s good to save your reservations, for a server movement or for mass edititations. It won’t override reservations that still exist.