The Price filter is to change the price of reservation by time and/or condition. It can be used to change the base price, for that each billing unit (hour, day, week or month) of the reservations get checked for a matching filter, or to raise a extra charge or grant a discount, both afterwards and only one per type of condition. You can use the priority to change the default order in that the filters get checked.

It can filter by date range or time units. The units work by OR in the same unit and with AND between different units. That means you can filter for every Monday or Tuesday in January, but not every Monday and every February in the same filter. Filtering by condition can check for days between reservation and arrival, recurring guests by email, amount of days and amount of persons, adults or children’s. The filters price can be once per reservation, per persons, nights, both or be percentage.

The both last filter Unavailability and Requirements are used in the availability check. They both use the time selection of the time filter. While the unavailability filter is used to block the selected time, the requirement filter changes the required amount of persons, billing units or the days on which the guest can arrive and depart.