When selecting the date format verify that it’s showing the current date.

Enabling time in reservations will change that the time of a reservation has an influence on the billing times calculation. A reservation from 10:00 till 15:00 at the next day will be counted as two billing times instead of one for example. It’s also changing that the time get’s displayed beside the date in the whole plugin. The form and the reservations can still work with and saves the time.

Merge resources is to make all resources unavailable when a defined count of reservations or persons is reached.

With block time you can make a selectable amount of time unavailable before and/or after each reservation.

The tutorial mode explains easyReservations in over 100 popup bubbles a bit more directly. You can fully deactivate the function as well as reset the history of what you’ve already read.

Further you can select if the information’s from the database should get deleted with the plugin when uninstalling it.

With the permissions box you can define the required permission role to open and see the parts of easyReservations. Further the dashboard and resources restricts content by the resources permission. It uses WordPress Roles of that you can add more with plugins or lines of code.