The support email is the address all mails to admin will be send to.

When selecting the date format verify that it’s showing the current date.

Enabling time will make it so that the time of reservations is displayed throughout the whole plugin.

The primary color is used in fronend to make certain parts stand out.

Merge resources is used to limit how many reservations or persons can be present at the same time in all resources.

With block time you can make a selectable amount of time unavailable before and/or after each reservation.

The tutorial mode explains easyReservations in over 100 popup bubbles a bit more directly. You can fully deactivate the function as well as reset the history of what you’ve already read.

Further you can select if the data in the database should get deleted with the plugin when uninstalling it.

With the permissions box you can define the required permission to see parts of easyReservations. Additionally the same can be set for each resource. By adding a few more WordPress Roles you can set it up that users can only administrate certain resources.

Execute scripts can only be used for javascript. If you don’t know what that means leave it empty. Any other content will lead to an unusable form.