Use Price fields in your forms to add form elements that have an influence on the price of the reservation. They’re very simmilar to custom fields and can be used for optionale or choosable services. The informations get saved by the title and can be send in emails ([prices]). Whitespaces arn’t allowed in title. The options get seperated by comma and the amount can be negative (-10), zero or positiv (10).

The price can als be calculated per person, per unit (hour, night, week) or both by adding pp, pn or pb to the the end of the tag.

Example Description Attributes Example tag
A checkbox that raises the price by 5 if checked Checked
[price checkbox Title "content:5"]
A select that change the price by selected value Selected
[price select Title "first option:0,second option:5,third options:10"]
first option 0,00 €
second option 5,00 €
second option 10,00 €
Radio buttons that change the price by selected value Selected
[price radio Title "first option:0,second option:5,third options:10"]

Conditional price fields

The command to add conditional price fields is a lot more complicated. But they’re very helpful to set up complicated price systems.
They allow you to change the price of a price field by the conditions resource, times of stay (hours,days or weeks as of the resources billing setting), persons, adults or children.
Example: A checkbox in the form that costs 5€ for resource 1 if checked, but 20€ for resource 2 and so on.
Code: [price checkbox Title “only option:1>5;2>10-res”]

For all conditions except of resource it works by “if condition = conditon or more”, so if your last conditon is four persons but your guest reserves for seven persons it’ll still apply. In fact the last match get’s applied, so always start with the lowest condition and have the highest at last. You have to add the conditions for each option on it’s own, but one option can have conditional price and another just a normal price in the same field. Of course the matched amount can still be multiplied by persons, times or both with the endings pp,pn,pb in the tag.

Condition type

Let’s start with the condtion type. The code for the condtion comes to the end of the line after a hyphen ().

[code]”option name:conditions-type,option 2…”[/code]

Condtion Type Code
Resources res
Times times
Persons pers
Adults adults
Children’s childs

Now to the conditions. They get’s separated by a ; and defined with a >. They can be unlimited and should be in the order from low to high.
[code]”option 1:condition>price;condtion2>price;condition3>price-type,option 2…”[/code]


[code][price radio breakfast “Normal breakfast:1>10;2>9;3>8;4>7-pers,
Luxury breakfast:1>30;2>25;3>20-pers” pp][/code]
That would add two radio inputs to your form. One named “Normal breakfast” and the other “Luxury breakfast”. If the guest selects the normal breakfast he would normally pay 10€ per person for the normal breakfast. But if he reserves for two persons he only has to pay 9€ per person for the breakfast and so on. The luxury breakfast has more discount for more guests and costs only 20€ per person if three or more guests reserves. If the end would be pb and not pp the amount would get multiplied by the times of stay too, which is very reasonable for daily breakfast.

[code][price checkbox Driver “yes:1>200;3>300;6>450-times”][/code]
A checkbox can only have one option. If the guest checks it he want’s a personal driver while his stay. That costs 200€ for one or two days, 300 from three till four days and 450 for six and more days.

Nested condition

If you really master it till here we can still make it more complicated: Nested conditions. With them you can define a second set of condtions after the first matched.
For example to add different person conditions by the selected resources.

To define them simply add the fully conditon code with the type where you would add the price of the first conditon in brackets {}. Technically that works in unlimited depth.

[code][price checkbox Service “yes:12>{1>100;2>75;5>50-pers};5>{1>300;2>250;3>200-pers};6>450-res”][/code]
A checkbox with different prices as of the resource. If the resource with the ID 12 is selected the service costs 100€ if one guest reserves, 75€ for two persons or more and 50€ for five or more.
At resource 5 the prices are a bit higher, but also conditional, and for resource number 6 it’s a fixed price of 450€.