easyReservations is compatible with every theme that follows the wordpress guidelines. This page is reserved for themes which are made to be used with easyReservations.


Making wordpress themes since 2009 for over 88.000 customers AitThemes has a very experienced team of developers. For the themes listed here they adjusted every frontend part of easyReservations to fit the theme and give it a very unique style. They are completely compatible with easyReservations and get updated regularly. From what I heard of my customers they are very happy with the themes.







Frequently Asked Questions
  • Emails won't arrive
    If the email trigger is activated in the email settings, but the emails don't arrive in your inbox there're two things you can do: 1. Try the SMTP plugin for WordPress to force them to get send correctly. 2. If that doesn't contact your host to fix it.
  • Wordpress update function won’t work
    Most likely a file can’t get deleted by Wordpress. Connect to your FTP and delete the folder /wp-content/plugins/easyreservations/. Then install it again. You don’t risk the loose of any settings or reservations in this process.
  • Resources get not displayed on the website / 404
    Saving the permalink setting of Wordpress should fix this issue.
  • The captcha image doesn’t show up
    Mostly this happens because the script can’t access the captcha folder. Try to give the folder /wp-content/plugins/easyreservations/lib/captcha/ and its subfolders a higher file permission (CHMOD) with your FTP program.
  • New filters overwrite old ones
    It’s a known bug and no limitation of the free version. Server restarts, saving Wordpress permalink setting, trying another browser or even waiting resolved the issue. If all of this doesn’t help report you’ll have to give me access.
  • The standard form isn’t working correctly
    Make sure you are on Wordpress version 3.3 or above and your theme's footer.php file has wp_footer(); somewhere inside of it, otherwise the plugin won't be able to load the proper scripts and styles.
  • Are multiple resources in one reservations possible?
    No, multiple resources in one reservations aren't possible. Firstly because the plugin is build from ground up on the fact that a reservation is attached to one and only one resource. But secondly, and maybe more important, it would make the configuration a lot more complicated. To define which information get asked per resource and which per reservation and how the resources related information appear in email or invoice would just be the start. As a compensation there is the function to make multiple reservations in a row and submit them together.