Just an update on what comes next and what I’m doing. The most are background changes and there won’t be a real new feature. Think it’s not the time for that.

The most important change is a new form validation. It shows the errors under the fields, if you click on send its checking for empty fields (required custom fields too!) and errors, shows a box with the errors (clickable to focus the field) and won’t submit the form till the errors are corrected. Beside of a wrong captchas it checks everything like after submit and makes it much more user-friendly. That can really save guest who get frustrated after the second submit. And if they enter a wrong captcha or you disable this function by deleting the [error] tag in form, the custom fields get refilled too.<br><br>

Related to this the form got a bit better, you can change the message and show the price after submit. The [show_price] tag got extended by the option before=”” that sets (or leave empty for nothing) the text before the price (was “Price:” till now). The error box after and before submit with errors can have a title and a text.

The rooms get a bit clearer, because you can set the name for the room numbers now directly. They get shown in emails, overview, table, export and view reservation till now.

The email function was bit buggy and I recoded it at all. Now it takes every information from database after insert/editing/… instead of taking the new values. Many bugs got fixed with that.

The export function got renewed. Now it uses the same function for CSV and XLS files which makes bug fixing and extending a lot easier. I finally fixed the bug that excel prompt an error for.csv files. This is an example on how stupid bugs can be: If a .csv file begins with the letters “ID” excel, and probably other programs, recognize it as a SYLK file, needs an add-on and says there is an error in the file. Simple to change “ID” => “id” fixed everything. I spend at least two hours with that…

In addition to this I extended the export function by the room name, the reservation date and custom fields. Last were a bit tricky, but if you use almost the same field titles in your reservations it’s really cool. The header of the row is the Title of the custom field. Could copy this for custom prices but the values of the fields would be “value:price” and could not used as number for calculating directly, or I don’t use the value at all.

That’s the core changes till now, of course there multiple other improvements and bug fixes.

Now to the things that won’t affect the next update: I spend some time with the three modules that are mostly finished and improved them a bit. Then I started the search module. Really like it and I think the first version of it is also very finished. So the count of modules that wait for my seller’s license goes up to four. This sounds like I’m only working on them, but its long time ago that I started with the PayPal module and I simply wanted to code the modules for fun and as they are out of the plugin itself its sometimes a bit easier and more fun to work on them.

I spend some time with my own little plugin for feryaz.de. It’s for the module distribution, access validation, module downloading and statistics. Made a Dashboard widget that shows the statistics from easyreservations at wordpress.org.  Want to have everything on one site later.

Next plans ordered by time:

  • Seller license
  • Bank account
  • New PayPal account
  • New Server and URL (there isn’t a free URL for easyreservations, any idea?)
  • Start modules with one
  • Testing the PayPal script on feryaz.de with this module
  • After that works launching the other modules – primary for PayPal module.
  • New Website
  • New Documentation

A lot to do for me 🙂 Thanks to the first donator, he’s helping me with testing the modules right now. Sorry for the long text. Update will come Sunday.