Version: 1.1.2 Last update: 05.07.2017

A new shortcode that shows your guests the availability of your hospatility on a hourly basis.
The columns are a seletable amount of days and the rows are restrictable hours.
It’s clickable for forms date selection and changes the displayed resource on selection.
The resource can be selected by selection or navigation, displayed or hidden in the calendars top bar.
In addition it’s fully compatible with the extendedCalendar Module to show multiple hourly calendars by grid.

This Module is only available for Premium Members


The shown time get’s displayed in a very smart way. It can show the active resurce, let it seletable or even navigate throught the resources in the calendar itself. Of course it supports the selection to automatically fill the form fields.


The hourly Calendar is very flexible to configure. You can select the amount of days and the hour duration to show. It fully work’s with the extendeCalendar Module to select the shown calendars by grid and how many days it skips at next/previous.