Version: 1.1.8 Last update: 05.07.2017

With this module you’ll be able to send multipart emails that contains the plain text and the HTML version of your Mail.
Three different email template are included and it’s easy to add your own templates.
If your customers programm, service or device can’t show HTML Mails they’ll automatically get the text version.
In addition there’s an improved function to customize the mail pattern.
It works well with the emails from the PayPal Module and the Multilingual Module.

This Module is only available for Premium Members

The editor

With the editor you can edit your mail templates directly. It supports all common word functions like font color, weight and appeareance. It’s also has a html view, a template switcher and functions to add tags and images to your mails. With this it’s very easy to customize your emails without any knowledge.

Three templates included

Three very different and stylish html email templates are included in this Module. They’re are free, tested to work with all common email clients and optimized alot to fit the topic of easyReservations. It’s very easy to add your own templates to the system by just dropping an .html file in the templates folder.

Revamped settings

The settings to set up your email patterns got optimized alot and is less confusing. It only show’s one pattern at a time and you can devine the html and text version seperatly.

Multipart eMails

The mails get send as multipart. It means that beside of the nice looking html version of the mail a second version with only the text inside get’s send. If the device, service or browser of your guests can’t view the html version they’ll see automatically the plain text version and can still read all the important informations.