Version: 1.0.17 Last update: 05.07.2017

This Module is to automatically generate PDF Invoices for your guests and your accounting.
They’re totally customazible in multiple stages of generation to allow fully control but also the ability to generate them automatically to attach them at emails. They have the correct A4 letter dimensions.
One of the key features is the editor who allows admins to edit the reservations before generating directly.

This Module is only available for Premium Members

Invoice templates

The Invoices get’s generated by templates that you can devine infinitly in the settings. Each part of the Invoice can be configured by themself with multiple options. The way of calculations is almost fully defineable, as well as the values and even the style. All informations get’s added by [tags]. Of course HTMl is also supported.


The goal was to allow fully control over each sign and point of the invoice, but also that it can be very automatically. This happens by taking an .html blueprint and merging it with the configured invoice templates. In the next step it replaces the [tagged] informations and send it to the .pdf generation. In this way the it’s fully customizable in two steps.


For admins there’s the editor that contains the generated invoice for the user. The invoice can be directly changed in it with alot Word functions like underline, lists, font-size or color. It allows to add row’s or columns, to switch between the invoice templates, has an excel-like auto-calculation function and and an HTML mode. You can preview, email or download the Invoice directly from the editor.

And even more

A smart Invoice number function that only highers once per reservations. The invoices can be automatically generated by a defined template and attached to the emails. The filename is definable. The Invoices have fold marks, a punch mark and have the right A4 dimensions for letters.