Version: 1.1.8 Last update: 13.05.2014

The extendedCalendar Module improves the calendar shortcode to show multiple months at once.
This works by a fully flexible grid to show any amount of months by selectable rows and columns.
You can choose to show the name of each month over its calendar and even the interval at next and
previous month is selectable. It works with both styles.
There’s also a new red and stylish calendar theme included. More features will come as of your suggestions!

This Module is only available for Premium Members

New style with selection

This beautiful and modern style with a nice selection is waiting for you.

Easy to configure

Configuration is very flexible and couldn’t be easyier!

Flexible grid

The grid system provides full control over the alignment and number of months to show. In addition it’s very obvious to set it up like you want.

With prices

To show that it looks good with prices in it too 🙂