Version: 1.7.11 Last update: 21.10.2018

Let your guests pay their reservations directly online.
Includes multiple payment gateways to handle the transaction:

  • PayPal
  • DIBS
  • 2checkout
  • ogone

After payment the paid amount in easyReservatons gets updated and the reservation can be approved automatically.

Also includes a deposit function and the option to let your guest pay later in the user control panel.

If you want to process payments manually there’s also the option to ask for credit cards.

This Module is only available for Premium Members

NEW: Credit cards!

This new function will allow your guests to enter their credit card details instead of paying through a payment gateway. It verfies the number, expire date and cvv to provide helpful errors.

If correct it stores the credit cards encrypted by a definable password. As this password isn’t stored in the database an attacker can’t decrypt the data without access to the whole server.

Admins can edit, add and view the credit card data and define which credit card vendors are allowed. It’s optional to approve reservations automatically after the guest entered his credit card details.

For your guests

For your guest this module will be visible after successful reservations and the user control panel. There‚Äôll be a buy now button that redirects them to the payment gateway to handle the transaction. In the user control panel it’ll only be visible if the reservation is unpaid and only charge the unpaid amount.

Payment verification

Works by IPN over cURL if installed or fsockopen otherwise. It supports SSL transfer and is very secure by re-checking the data with the payment gateway. After verified the paid amount will be added to the current paid amount of the reservation and emails may get sent.

New emails

There’re two new optional email templates that get sent after the payment verificatiom. One to admin and one to guest. You can define them in the email settings. With PayPal it’s possible to include a payment link into all emails.

Automatic approval

This module also gives you the option to automatically approve reservations. It can be used without the payment function and be set to after form submit, after payment or after entering credit card details. It checks the resource and selects the first available space.


You can choose between sandbox and live mode. The title of the payments is very customizable with [tags]. You can set the payment button or choose from pre-defined pnes. Many gateways have other options like language, currency or return and cancel URL.


With the deposit function you can define how much the guest should pay. It can be a set amount or multiple options and you can even let them choose to pay the full amount or set the amount themself. The deposit can be a flat or percentage amount.