Version: 1.7.4 Last update: 05.07.2017

Let your guests pay their reservations directly through PayPal. It adds the PayPal buy now button after successful form submits and to the user Control Panel if the reservation is unpaid.
The verification of payments works by IPN and set’s the paid amount automatically if everything is fine.
After payments two new optional and customizable emails can be sent – one to the admin and one to the user.
This module includes an automatically approving function for reservations that can be used after submits and after payments. Don’t waste your time with reservations you would’ve approved anyways!

This Module is only available for Premium Members

NEW: Credit cards!

This new function will allow your guests to enter their credit card details instead of paying through PayPal to make the bookings manually. It checks the number, expire date and ccv and notify helpful errors.

If they’re correct it stores the information’s encrypted by a definable password into the database. As this password isn’t stored in the database an attacker can’t decrypt the information’s without access to the whole server.

Admins can edit, add and view the credit card information’s and define which credit card types are allowed. It’s optional to approve reservations automatically after the guest entered his credit card details.

For your guests

For your guest this module will be visible after successful form submits and at the user control panel. There’ll be a simple PayPal buy now button that redirects them to PayPal with the right title and the calculated amount. In user control panel it will have the amount to pay left and only be visible if the reservation is unpaid.

Payment verification

Works by IPN and over cURL if installed or fsockopen if not. It supports SSL transfer and is very secure by re-checking the information’s with PayPal’s. After it’s verified the paid amount will be added to the current paid amount of the reservation and the email get sent.

New emails

There are two new emails that get sent after payments. One to admin and one to guest. They’re optional and get sent at the payment verification. Their options are over the normal emails options in the easyReservations settings.

Automatically approving

This module adds the function for automatically approving to your website. It can be used without the PayPal function at all and only after form submits, only after payments or both. It checks the resource for available space and set it automatically to the first free space if there’s one.


You can choose between sandbox and live mode. The title of the payments is very customizable by shortcode tags. You can define the URL of an image as button or choose from pre-defined. Of course the Currency, return URL after successful payments and the cancel URL are also configurable.


With the deposit function your guests can choose to pay a deposit of the full price after reservating. You can allow or force them to select from multiple or a fixed percenategs, let them choose the amount themself by a text field or let them choose to pay the full price.