Version: 2.0.6 Last update: 19.05.2019

New shortcode to let your guest search for available resources.

As in the form you have complete control over the search bar to define what to search for.

For the results choose to show the thumbnail, a description, the price, the amount of free spaces and much more.

A highlight is the one-column calendar to display the availability directly underneath each resource. It can also be used to further refine the time selection.

Together with displaying unavailable resources this helps your guests to know when each resource is available.

This Module is only available for Premium MembersDemo

The searchbar

The information to search for are as customizable as forms!

The results

Every function is deactivatable and many have options.

Add shortcode

Define all the different options in the shortcode itself!

The calendar

The optional one-column calendar provides a smart and clean way to display the resources availability. You can define which days and hours it should display.