Version: 1.2.9 Last update: 08.05.2015

In addition to all the premium functions it’s also very important to increase the appearance.
This Bundle of styles takes care of that part with the beautiful form style and the admin style.
The datepicker style can have nine different colors and there’s the function to disable unavailable days in it.

This Module is only available for Premium Members

New form style

With this Module comes a new form style. It’s made with precision and will increase the appearance of your hospitality alot. It handles required checkboxes and radios better and the form looks more modern.

New admin style

The new admin style premium is white, very clean and feels much more professional. It’s really a pleasure to work with.


The datepicker gets a new and very neutral style. You can choose from nine colours for the header to fit it to your website. You can choose to check a definable amount of days for availability to disable unavailable days in the datepicker.

New calendar style

To final the pack the calendar gets a new style too. It wont fit to the most website, but its a alternative and looks good with the premium admin style.