I think it’s time for a blog again. I’ve closed the original one a long time ago as there wasn’t enough response. Ever since then I’m missing a place for announcing and explaining things. I don’t know how actively I’ll use it now, but want to give it another try.

You’ve might thought that there haven’t been any progress since the last update in february, but in fact it never stopped.
I’m still working daily to improve the plugin and to give support. There were over 40 beta versions of 3.3.
The reason why it’s not out it is that while 3.2.4 is the most stable version I’ve ever released my perfect beta tester had to quit.
So the whole finishing up process of the update relies on the few reports I get from user that had to use the beta because of other problems.
That’s not enough to verify the quality of software that’s as complex as easyreservations.

The last time I had this problem, I think it was update 2.0, a lot of people were a great help.
So I ask you to help out and try out the pre-release and report anything to the new forum I’ve opened for it.
I will update it a few times until we can be sure it’s ready for the public.

Download 3.3 pre-release #2

As a premium user download the current beta as the modules are only in it.

I think the most important functions to check are the filters and the availability check for every possible resource setup, but in general everything needs to be tested. Please don’t only report the bugs, but say if things are working good too.

Now let’s come the changes in 3.3:
The best is probably that the both filters price and condition got merged so they can be used together. That allows a whole new scope of price setups.
Then there’s a new form editor that makes it a lot easier to build a form and understand all the fields and their relations. You can click on tags to edit them.
The last big new feature is the new module Synchronization with the function to add reservations to the WooCommerce Shopping-Card.
Beside of these there were improvements, cleans and fixes in every function of the plugin.
Further it’s a lot more easier to add a new gateway and it can be done without changing any of easyreservations code.
While this doesn’t sounds as good as the last updates you’ll see that it brings everything together and improves the usability and feel a lot.
The pre-release has no changelog yet as that’s always the last step before updating so you can relate the files and have a last check.