There weren’t much new functions to the plugin itself in the last time, but I really enjoy it. Throught I’m only fixing bugs and working on modules the plugin got really free of bugs and more stable by the seven updates. As long as I’ve other things to do it will stay like this. It’s even good because I’m not producing new bugs and can ensure a level of quality for the paying users.

In the past weeks four new Modules came to a useable state and one of it got already released for purchasing. In addition there were many updates for the existing modules. Due to the much work there wasn’t the time to present them to you and I wan’t to catch up on it now. The Life-Time Membership will raise to 119€ in about two weeks, because of the two new modules in beta.

Released: Multilingual 5€
This Module is to translate content of forms and emails content and subject. In the latest update it got the ability to translate the searchForm Bar too.

Beta: hourlyCalendar ~20€
This Module adds a hourly availability Calendar to your page that works very similar to the normal calendar. The columns are a selectable amount of days and the rows are restrictable hours. Works together with the extendedCalendar Module. It’s fully finished and works pretty well, will just remain in beta for more testing and life-time members.

Beta: htmlEmails ~20€
With this Module you can send your Mails with HTML formatting. They get send as multipart to be viewable on every device. It improves the eMail settings and will get an eMail template function. It’s fully working, but will stay in beta for longer because I wan’t to make a good HTML template function and don’t release half things.

Beta: Coupons ~8€
With this Module you can give out coupon codes for discounts. They can be limited by time and usages. The price can be raised or lowered with them.

Beta: Datepicker Style ~5€
It changes the style of the datepicker with nine choosable colours. With the newest 1.1 update it can also disable unavail days in the datepicker.

Update: PayPal 1.2 15€
With update 1.2 the PayPal Module got extended by a very flexible deposit function. You can allow or force them to select from multiple or a fixed percentage, let them choose the amount themselves by a text field or let them choose to pay the full price. The bug with Secure Merchant ID’s got fixed. Next will be automatically refunds.

Update: searchForm 1.1.5 25€
The searchForm Module got many bug fixes. In addition there were the additions that the requirements gets better displayed if unavailable and the widget works now together with the searchForm. And there’s a little add-on for it in the forum to connect resources with other posts/pages to make take the link, title and content from it.

Update: extendedCalendar 1.1.3 10€
The extendedCalendar Module got a few bug fixes and with 1.1.3 works the new style in the widget.