I planned to release on sunday but didnt came to work for the whole weekend. And then i decided to change my programming and other tools and programms before cleaning the Update and it last for two days to set everything up perfectly. But now its done and I really like the result. Its not a big one but I got the last few problems and extended some core functions. I learned how to replace only the files that changed. If you’re editing something it wont be away for sure anymore.

Finally you can select out of five date formats, say if you need more. I hope that they work on every server, because some of the functions are localy different.
The Form tags have much more HTML and Style releated options now. Ols forms still works.
The User editation works with a real login system now. Its also possible to switch through reservations in a new table.
You can set the min/max nights/persons directly for each resource. Make setup alot easyier.
The last big change is that discounts can now raise a price too. With the conditions and price setup you can define really flexible things.
Read the rest in the Changelog.

Hope you like it.
Like always please report any bugs or suggestions.

easyReservations 1.7 – 03.04.2012

  • Extented form tags!
    • up to 5 new tag options for each form tag
    • Value/Selected/Checked
    • Style
    • Title
    • Disabled
    • Maxlength
    • Captcha in tag add function
  • Select out of five date formats for the whole plugin!
  • More resources options!
    • Set minimum and maximum nights to stay for each resource
    • Set minimum and maximum persons (adults+childs) for each resource
  • Discounts can raise the price too!
  • User-edit to User Control Panel!
    • Real login function with sessions
    • Sessions stay till browser close
    • Logout function
    • Errors dont break site anymore without lowering security
    • Swap between reservations
    • Customizable table to show all reservation from the same email
    • Rename rooms
    • Split text over login and over the editation itself
    • Much more options
    • Improved security
  • Improvements
    • Custom prices gets added/subtracted after discounts
    • Calendar style and generation
    • Resources table splited
    • tinyMCE Shortcode button
    • Central status function
    • Custom API extended
    • Filters builder & dashboard screen settings checkboxes/radios
    • New get_the_title function for frontend (casue of Private:)
    • Core module installation & update notifier
    • New currencys
    • Filters prices after deleting a resource get displayed properly
    • Modules update notifier needs to be turned on once
  • Bugs fixed
    • Table favourites
    • Price calculation admin add
    • Uninstalling function
    • Errors after form submit
    • Editlink
    • Detailed price calculation date